Smiles, tears, intimate glances. This is what we get in return for every wedding we participate. In exchange for our music, the proof that soul mates really exist. Sounds unfair to us, but even so, our brides and grooms insist in thanking us!

Aline & Alberto

“Fantastic! I loved your work! Believe us when we say you made our moment even more magical. Thanks for eveything, 5 stars!!!”
Convento de Santa Clara, Vila do Conde (11.09.2016)


Luísa & Filipe

“We have no words to describe the moment you provided us. Genius! Same for our family and friends, that talk about you all the time! Unforgettable! Thank you forever.”
Igreja Matriz, Ponte da Barca (29.08.2016)


Carla & Pedro

“We finally have a couple of minutes to thank you for your beautiful job at our cerimony. All was perfect, just like we imagined it. We were happy that we made the right choice… You are forever engraved in our memories. Thanks for everything, keep embellishing happy days like these!”
Igreja Matriz, Sande São Martinho (25.06.2016)


Rosana & Fábio

“You were just wonderful, you can’t imagine how many compliments we heard about you! If our day was perfect, we owe it also to you. It was spine chilling and we couldn’t stop the tears from forming in our eyes! Congratulations!”
Igreja Matriz, Oliveira do Douro (11.06.2016)


Cecília & Manuel

“Thank you! You were simply amazing. It was beautiful… and you got some tears from us 🙂 We loved your performance. You could go beyond the high expectations we had. Many successes, you deserve it, and we hope to hear you again!”
Mosteiro de São Torcato, Guimarães (14.05.2016)


Raquel & Paulo

“You are amazing! There are no words to describe how beautiful the cerimony was. Only those who were there can know! You shined and enchanted all the presents. They couldn’t stop asking who you were and where you’re from!!! And many are those that want to hear you again. You won’t be lacking recommendations from us! To all of you, thank you so much! Kiss!”
Mosteiro de São Bento, Santo Tirso (26.09.2015)


Rita & Gonçalo

“We’d just like to thank you for participating in our wedding, it was amazing! We don’t have words to show how much we liked and how happy we felt that everything was so right! We loved all the songs, all the moments, everything was perfect, at the right place! It was super emotional, everybody loved you and were impressed with your music and voice! We couldn’t have chosen better”
Igreja de São Silvestre, Gradil (20.09.2015)


Susana & Bruno

“You made our day even more unique and special! You were able to put a big smile on our faces and sent shivers down our guests spines! The best!”
Igreja da Misericórdia, Chaves (19.09.2015)


Lídia & Marco

“Thank you for being a part of the happiest day of our lives, and for enchanting all the presents with your music! There are no words to describe what you did. You were perfect! THANK YOU!”
Igreja Nova, Seroa (28.08.2015)


Vanessa & João

“Once again, thank you for your excellent work. I knew you would shine and make this day even more magnificent, unique and singular… Many thanks to you!”
Igreja Matriz, Vila Franca (13.08.2015)


Cátia & Hélder

“Your songs really helped to make our cerimony even more beautiful. Thank you so much for everything!”
Igreja do Santíssimo Sacramento, Porto (07.08.2015)


Marta & André

“Thank your for everything. Your work is impressive. Everybody quivers thanks to you. I wish you keep on brightening many weddings for a loooong time so that many couples have the same opportunity we did… And yes, our final will be “happy ever after!”
Santuário da Penha, Guimarães (01.08.2015)


Patrícia & Pedro

“Thank you for your professionalism and for the emotion you created in our cerimony. Our guests loved it and praised you a lot! Thanks and… All you need is love!!!”
Santuário do Sameiro, Braga (25.07.2015)


Patrícia & Samuel

“Thank you so much. You were perfect! You were a part that turned our wedding day into a real dream. I really hope we can meet again soon. I will do everything to promote and recommend you the best I can!”
Igreja Matriz, Vidago (18.07.2015)


Marina & Filipe

“Thank you for making our day special, magic, unique. We have no words to describe the great hapiness we felt, your music touched our hearts… Thank you for everything.”
Igreja de Nossa Senhora da Oliveira, Guimarães (20.06.2015)


Paula & Daniel

“A big thank you for making our day even more special. You were able to put a lot of people with a tear in their eyes with your melodies.”
Igreja de São Francisco, Guimarães (31.12.2014)


Francisca & Diogo

“Still filled with emotions from our wonderful day, we cannot but thank so much, in a very special way, to those who contributed so much for our dream to come true. Your music led the pace of the dream. Thank you for everything.”
Quinta Lago dos Cisnes, Amares (18.10.2014)


Henriqueta & Tiago

“All you need is love, the voice and melody of our cerimony. You received a lot of compliments, you got many people emotional, but for us you really made our cerimony much more beautiful.”
Igreja Nossa Senhora da Oliveira, Guimarães (04.10.2014)


Joana & André

“It was incredibly wonderful what you did at our cerimony, we all cried our eyes out thanks to you…
Beautiful, indescribable and perfect! Thank you so much! <3”
Igreja Matriz de Pevidém, Guimarães (12.09.2014)


Manuel & Madalena (Bodas de Prata)

“Finally, after almost a month after the cerimony, I have time to sit down and thank you for making my parents day a very special one! It was worth “fighting” for your presence that day (you certainly remember what I am talking about!).
Even today, we still recall the cerimony and that wonderful music and voice, that made that day even more exciting and gave it a stronger meaning! After all, 25 years of marriage must be celebrated!
Everyone was delighted and wanted to know where we found you. You can expect a lot of recommendations from us!
Well, even if we want to express our gratitude and tell you how much what you did mean to us, we don’t have enough words or gestores… We can only wish you many successes and that you go far, because you deserve it!
Thank you so much for everyhing! It wouldn’t have been the same without you! ”
Igreja de Paredes de Coura (16.08.2014)


Fátima & Domingos

“We still didn’t have the opportunity to say thank you to All You Need is Love for the amazing job you did. High emotion, spine chilling voice… I recomend it!”
Igreja Matriz de Parada do Bouro (09.08.2014)


Patrícia & Simão

“It was beautiful! Thank you! No words to describe, I can only thank you! Thanks for starting the day of our dreams. You were amazing!”
Igreja Matriz de Maceira, Leiria (02.08.2014)


Vânia & Luís

“Thank you for making this day an even more special one, everything was perfect. Your contribuition was key. From the bottom of our hearts, thank you.”
Igreja Nossa Senhora da Oliveira, Guimarães (12.07.2014)


Sílvia & Miguel

“We can only thank you for the magical moments you provided for all our guests. We had so many emotional moments!”
Igreja Matriz de Monção (21.06.2014)


Diana & Jorge

“We’d like to thank you for helping making our day to beautiful and perfect. Between the guests, you got a lot of fans. We wish you many successes. Thanks, all the best!”
Santuário de Nossa Senhora da Assunção, Santo Tirso (25.04.2014)


Cláudia & Ricardo

“Thank you… We loved it… Your presence lighted up our cerimony!”
Mosteiro de Santa Rita, Ermesinde (12.04.2014)


Ana & Pedro

“Thank your for helping making our day a very special one. I loved it! Unforgettable…”
Igreja de Montelavar, Sintra (08.03.2014)


Cristiana & Miguel

“2013 was a very important year to me. It will be engraved in my memory for a lot of reasons, but one of the most important reasons is my wedding. It was a beautiful day, filled with pure hapiness, and you completed it perfectly. I will recommend you to all brides and grooms I meet – when they hear you, I’m sure they will be totally in love with your music, the same way I did.
I want to wish you all the best and many successes for the next years, and please keep making these special days even more special and unique.”
Igreja de Santa Marta do Bouro, Amares (05.10.2013)


Cecília & Vítor

“Thank you so much for all the spine chills and for your beautiful voice. I loved it! Kiss!”
Santuário Porto D’Ave, Fafe (2.08.2013)


Maria & Nuno

“No doubts that you made our day special and unique. Up to this day, I still hear people talking about you. Congratulations for your amazing work, keep up with it!”
Igreja de Serzedelo, Guimarães (21.09.2012)


Rita & Bruno

“I found you by chance on the internet. I didn’t know your work and I’ve never have heard about you. However, when I heard your music, I got tears in my eyes. I couldn’t resist contacting you immediatly in order to guarantee that you were at our wedding. I was prepared for a very good job. But when I entered the church, I was positively surprised. You guys were brilliant. We loved every second and just wished time didn’t go by so quickly. Thank you so much.”
Santuário Porto D’Ave, Fafe (5.08.2012)


Sílvia & Paulo

“More than recommending you to other couples, these words are meant to thank you. Thank you so much for the beautiful way you lighted up our wedding. Still today, when our guests talk about our wedding, one of the things we hear the most is: “She had such a voice…!”. All the best, and we hope you keep making couples happy!”
Guimarães, (28.07.2012)


Inês & Pedro

“Yes, the wedding day is unique. With your music, it becomes even more special. There were tears in the eyes, emotions running high and a lot of mixed feelings. I can only thank you for being a part of that”
Igreja da Lapa, Porto (14.07.2012)


All you need is Love-the perfect soundtrack for the day of your dreams