about us


“All you need is Love”

It is these lyrics that serves as our daily inspiration. In all we do, we demand full devotion. Soul and heart. We beliebe that love is not old fashioned. That is why, when we where considering a name for our group, this choice seemed clear.

As a group, we started working together many years ago, but the “formalisation” only happend in the end of 2011. With long experience in musical animation for wedding cerimonies, “All You Need is Love” is quartet formed by a vocalista, piano, violin and cello. This is a differentiated proposal for your wedding, bringing together classical musical and other types of music, to suit all your preferences and wishes!

More than professionalism and degree of exigency, what guides is romance. For us, being invited to witness someone’s marriage celebration is the most utmost joy. But it is specially an honour to be able to witness what life has best: love.

We know how much you dreamed about your wedding day, and we want it to be perfect. So, in a day full of heart throbbing emotions, we want to contribute with what we do best to make this day an unique, unforgettable and unrepeatable one.

Thank you for your visit, and we will be waiting for your return. We’ll always be here. Be happy! And don’t ever forget:

“Love is all you need”


who are we?

Ana Margarida, Ana Luísa, Ana Filipa e Luís. The names behind the instruments… We are four incurable romantics. We believe that love is not out of fashion and that’s why, sometimes, it is hard to hide the emotions when we witness the union of two soulmates.


All you need is Love-the perfect soundtrack for the day of your dreams